Evaluation of the project

From the beginning of the project, we had a very clear goal compared to other projects. Creating eight crowns for a monument sounded straighforward. Due to this clarity, we could start right away and this helped us a lot in the time planning.

After coming up with a plan, were able to start scanning in the first week and throughout the rest of the project, we spent most of the days really working rather than thinking or waiting. Even though the crowns are not done yet, we have not been wasting time and worked on the project as well as we could.

The three of us worked quite well together as a team. While Rohan is clearly the person with the most knowledge of moulds and 3d models, Vivian and Tom were able to learn a lot and contribute with new ideas or perspectives. Because we did almost everything with the three of us, from scanning to pouring the wax, we all thoroughly understand the process and agree on what is the best method to recreate the crowns.

There was a big difference in experience, Rohan and Vivian having studied design while Tom studied Electrical Engineering. On top of that, Rohan has a lot of hands-on experience due to his work. Even though the differences, we understood each other very quickly and were able to efficiently work together without arguments or a lot of misinterpretations.

During the project we had at least weekly contact with our coach Maaike. This varied from meetings in which we could show our progress to mailing her about what we were planning to do. Maaike really let us decide on what would be the best for the project and with good feedback every time, we could progress really quickly. She was very involved so it felt like we did it together.

Unfortunately, we were not able to work out all ideas equally well. The digital model of the crown, created from scratch was finished too late to be sent to Groningen. Even though we agreed on that it would look too smooth and that the newly cast crowns would lose the historical touch, it would make a good comparison. On top of that, maybe it would regain the historical touch because of the loss of detail due to casting the wax. Looking back, we could have planned it better so we would have it in time.

Personally, I think that the project went really well. The atmosphere in the group has always been really nice and being able to make something quite important with two just as enthusiastic teammates is really satisfying. Where Rohan always was full of ideas and Vivian never afraid to try out new solutions. Even though we still have a way to go to finish the crowns, I am really glad with the results so far.

We are looking forward to finishing the crowns and seeing them on the royal monument.

-The End-

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