Rebuilt from the ground up

One of the methods for restoration that we wanted to explore was completely rebuilding the crown digitally. We did this in Solidworks by reverse engineering what we could from the existing crown. With this method the details will be much clearer than with digital retouching. However, the historical charm could be lost with a digital made model. That is why we will make a model to see how accurate we can get.

We knew the overall dimensions and could work out many of the angles and curves by taking multiple measurements from a datum point (ie the height and distance to centre).

Unfortunately due to the degradation of the existing crown there were a number of elements that we had no reference point for, such as the flower details that are repeated above the collar of the crown. For this we tried to find examples of similar details in other royal crowns but ultimately had to create our own interpretation of the details and so are not sure if it is accurate compared to the original.

This seemed to be the most challenging part of rebuilding the crown digitally so we started with it and once we had the flower details figured out we moved on to bulking out the rest of the crown. Screenshots of the process can be seen below followed by a digital render of the finished crown.

Although the model is very accurate it still looks very clean and modern. That is why we decided not to use this digital model, but continue with the digitally retouched model from before.

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