Making the wax models

Today we collected our silicon mould and started to remove the walls. The silicon was firm and smooth so that was good.

Removing the walls from the silicon mould

After removing the bottom of the box we saw that some of the silicon slipped beneath the edges and filled up parts of the mould. Luckily it was very easy to remove those edges with a pair of scissors. The quality of the mould is good enough to make wax moulds with it.

Silicon ould without the wooden box. Some silicon got into the moulds

We bought a cheap pan with a teflon layer to melt the wax in. First we wanted to melt the wax with a heat gun, but we found out that the wax needs to melt slowly and evenly. Then we decided to just use Tom’s furnace to melt the wax with. There was almost no smell while heating the wax.

Heating up the wax

Then we poured the wax in and let it cool down for an hour.

Silicon mould with the wax poured into it

When the wax moulds were remved they looked like this:

Finished wax moulds

We see a little bit of detail loss on the surface, but not too much. The wax moulds are somewhat smoother than the original printed test pieces. We will send the four wax moulds together with the digitally edited cat-able resin piece to the caster this afternoon and hopefully we will recieve them somewhere next week.

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