Playing around with the 3D scanner

Before we can scan the crown and make a 3D model we need to practise with the scanners. Maaike arranged for us a meeting with Bertus Naagen, a staff member at the TU Delft who has a lot of experience with 3D scanning. He introduced us to the two scanners they used at the faculty: the Artec Spider and the Artec Eva. We learned that the Artec Spider is used for larger objects which can be scanned from a larger distance. The Artec Eva is better used for smaller objects to scan in a closer range because it can scan more details.

Artec spider

Artec Eva

With help from Bertus we started with a scan of a statue of a penguin to try out the program and the machine. Both Artecs can be operated by hand but you can also put them on a tripod to reduce shaking. Because we wanted to scan every side of the penguin we used a rotating platform with a stool on top where the penguin could stand on.

Set up with the tripod and rotating platform

It took some practice to get used to the scanning, but at the end of the morning we learned a lot and were able to do a scan on our own. We learned that you have to move the tripod with the machine on it slowly. You have to be careful that all the parts are scanned, but the scan should not be too long otherwise the file is too large to process. If the shape is too complex to scan in one go, you can make two scans and merge them together with the software. We did this with the penguin as well, one scan from the top and one from the bottom and afterwards we aligned the two. We will need to do this for our crown as well if we want all the details to be there on the 3D model. After we made our first scan Bertus showed us how to make a model out of the raw data. We also learned some tricks such as erasing the ground from the scan and putting texture on the model. Once you know the basics, the program is quite easy to use.

After the basic instruction we could play around so we made some more scans, for example this one:

Example of a test 3D scan

3D model of Vivians face

Rohan and his 3D model

We also scanned our own faces which was really awesome. We first tried it with the Artec Spider but that didn’t really work so we switched to the Eva scanner.

Hair has a very fine texture and shines a lot so that is why the scanner could not scan our hair properly. Form Bertus we heard that he had some trouble with scanning shiny objects in the past. Sometimes he sprayed dry shampoo on the objects to make it more matte. We wonder if the crown will be too shiny for the scanner because of the paint. Hopefully it will work out.

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